Post, blog, tweet and socialize with confidence and results. Make your mark on Google, Facebook, the desktop, the laptop, the mobile app, and on platforms that are yet just a gleam in a programmer’s eye. Most important, sell stuff.

Build a great brand from scratch. Revitalize a mature brand. Extend a brand vertically, horizontally, or across the globe. Use your brand to show your customers that you’re ready— for their needs now, and for the Next Big Thing.

Make your website the highly effective hub of your marketing. Extend its reach to promote your products & services, provide cost-effective customer support, build team spirit, and recruit the best and brightest. Tie it in with every other medium and channel. Mine it for all the spectacular data you need to grow.

Generate more qualified leads — lots more. Reduce the number of calls needed to close, by using sales support for the 21st century. Maximize your presence everywhere, from the web to the tradeshow floor. Use smart marketing to reduce operating costs (yes, really).

Differentiate yourself from your competition with memorable ad design and copy. Find consumers where they live — whether that's a zip code, a website, or a smart phone. Understand how, when, and why they make buying decisions. Increase sales, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Replace the knee-jerk reaction with the incredibly smart plan. Save money, create opportunities, and sell more stuff.

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Podcast: How women shop for iPhones, and other surprises

Women buy more smartphones, laptops, and tablets than men. Yet many retailers and marketers still think women don't understand technology. To make matters worse, the women with the most money to spend are most likely to be ignored. In my conversation with marketing-to-women expert Marti Barletta, the results are accidentally hilarious...if you're not the retailer.

How Can There Be Any Sin In Sincere?

How to prevent tone-deaf messaging from undermining your careful and expensive brand positioning.

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