The best advertising creative is a colorful and memorable solution to a business problem. It stands out from the crowd without deviating from its purpose. It's something people talked about at the water cooler, when there were still water coolers. Now they share it on Facebook, which is even better.

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C3 Advertising Creative Services

Over the years, C3 team members have won many awards for our creative work. Because most of those awards were given by the direct marketing community, they were based in part on how our creative achieved results.

We pride ourselves on creative excellence, but we never forget that great creative is a means to an end, a path to a goal: and that goal is sales and revenue.

Services include:

  • Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Creative brief development
  • Campaigns
  • Production: print, direct mail, web, online, trade shows


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C3 Creative Trivia

Why (Almost) Nobody Can Beat A Copywriter At Trivial Pursuit

People often ask us how long we remember the information we learn for client projects. The answer, so far, seems to be forever.

Even years after the fact, we can tell you the difference between cloisonee and champleve enamel (Hallmark), what attractions you should see in Vancouver or Hong Kong (United Airlines), what a Tokyo subway token looks like (American Express), how programmers choose the language they'll work in (Microsoft) what keeps network administrators up at night (3Com, Cisco, and IBM), and what kind of science needs a fume hood (Hanson Lab Furniture).

We retain this stuff partly because people who become copywriters tend to be interested in everything. Partly it's because you never know when some fact you learned for a long-ago project will come in handy.

As a result, no one can beat a copywriter at Trivial Pursuit. Unless you ask some of us about sports.