Pay-per-click can be a powerful tool with surprising benefits. Of course it can drive traffic to your website. But if you plan and manage it correctly, it can also alert you to trends that you can leverage across all your sales efforts.

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PPC Services

Like all marketing tools, PPC works best when it's part of a well-conceived plan with clearly defined goals. It also has a lot of hidden benefits:

You can change campaigns literally overnight in response to changing markets.

A program that includes continual testing against controls can clue you in to extraordinarily useful data. For example, a sudden surge in responses to an ad that highlights a particular product use may signal that you're on the radar of a new market.

It's a cheap way to test new territories, new markets, and new messaging, (Although it's one indicator only, and no substitute for more thorough research. It's PPC, not the Oracle of Delphi.)

C3 Advertising's PPC services include:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Ad development and testing
  • Geotargeting: placing ads where your prospects live, and where they search
  • Maintenance
  • Reporting and recommendations
  • Integrating PPC with your other marketing efforts
  • Media placement on other online channels


Pay Per Click Case Study: Hanson Lab Furniture, Inc.

When Hanson Lab Furniture saw what our PPC programs was doing for their sister company, Looped LOGIC, they decided to give it a try, too.

Hanson Lab Furniture resource page

For a number of reasons we decided not to use a traditional landing page in our campaign. Instead, we elected to drive traffic to a resource center on the client's website that we filled with photos, spec sheets, and product catalogs. To minimize barriers for prospects, we took the risk of allowing downloads without so much as a sign-up.

Once the usual process of ad testing was complete, we launched the program.

  • The very first month saw a 9.5% increase in site visits, and a consistent uptick in leads.
  • The resources page has become the second-most visited page on the site (after the home page).
  • Most important, the leads that are coming in are no longer checking a box that simply says "Contact us". More than half ask for specific products.

In other words, by the time they contact Hanson, prospects have spent time on the site, they've interacted with the resource materials, and they know what they want. They're engaged, enthusiastic, and ready to buy.