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The surprising value of direct mail in a digital world

Marketers constantly face new challenges and new opportunities when considering the right mix of channels and media. The challenges include

  • The changing landscape of multi-channel marketing
  • New and ever-evolving patterns of audience expectations and behavior
  • Shifting rules for targeting audiences on social media that limit the targeting we are used to in favor of more consumer privacy.

The opportunities include

  • New technologies in direct mail production that offer more choices for customization, segmentation, and personalization, on everything from postcards and self-mailers to multi-part traditional direct mail packages complete with envelopes, letters, brochures, lift notes, and reply cards.
  • New direct mail deployment technologies that bridge the divide between digital and analogue advertising in exciting ways. For example, by partnering with a company like Modern Postcard, we can include code on a website that can match IP address to a home address. A sizable percentage of those visitors can then be sent postcards to follow up a few days later. It’s just like re-marketing, but in the analog world.

Along with familiar tools like great lists (and professional list brokers), involvement devices, variable data printing, 3D mailing packages, and the clever manipulation of paper, die cuts, folds, size, and printing to surprise and engage, these challenges and opportunities offer new, more precise ways to use direct mail effectively to reach B2B and B2C customers.

Whether your objectives are awareness, lead generation, lead nurturing, or sales, direct mail can have an important place in your marketing mix. Even in a digital world.

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