Film Posters & Graphic Props

Film posters must accomplish many tasks that make them an enjoyable creative challenge. They must realize the director's and writer's vision for their story, echo the visual look and feel of the finished work, communicate the genre and theme, and most important, make audiences say, “I want to see that!” At C3 Advertising, we also strive for something more: an original approach that makes poster art stand out in any environment, from social media to a theater lobby.  When indepenent film productions use posters as a fundraising tool, a striking look makes them a sought-after premium.     

Graphic props can be anything from a "secret document" that a character examines to the photos on their desk or a sign on their office door. They need to look real in the scene, function well, and be period-appropriate. 

Creating posters and props for independent filmmakers in our Hollywood backyard is not something we set out to do. But the collaboration is a good fit with our marketing and design experience, and we really enjoy it.

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