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How to clear confusion about email marketing

These days, when there are feature-packed email marketing platforms, dozens of “sure-fire” sales funnel systems, and an email marketing guru in every corner of the Internet, it’s hard to know how to get the most out of your email marketing programs — or even when, if, or how you should include email in your mix.

With every Google search and click on a YouTube video, you can find “experts” shouting, with absolute certainty, contradictory advice: Use lots of images. Don’t use images. Only target older adults, and do it sparingly. Target everyone, constantly. Keep it short. Make it long. And on and on…

So how do you know what to do? First of all,


The simple truth is that the fundamentals of successful email marketing are the fundamentals of all good marketing:

  • Know your audience
  • Create messages that have value
  • Use consistent branding
  • Have a great offer
  • Get appropriate lists from reliable, professional sources
  • Use correct techniques for the medium and channel (see Microsoft case study)
  • Follow through effectively
  • Measure results by what matters: revenue
  • Test, measure, rollout, repeat.

That’s how we create successful email marketing programs for our clients.

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